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What better way to celebrate our remarkable bond we share with our canine companions


Does It Ever Get Easier?

Writing that is.  In today's world of instant messaging, phones, emails and holding a full time job, writing as a passion can easily become secondary to all the distractions.  Finding any quiet time means waking at 3am before each day unfolds, avoiding the distractions and "time grabbers."  Days morph into weeks while only a couple of pages may have been written.  And terrible one's at that.  Dare go back and revisit those musings what suddenly has become incoherent ramblings only to be rewritten.  Time and again.

Much easier to relate a story from memory such as it were with Never Left Behind than having to check and recheck research via records, sources, phone calls, and interviews.  Grief, doubt, hesitation and procrastination plague any writing attempts.  Pen becomes dolent and pages remain stark white.

Finding your story, your pause as it were, takes time.  Slowly a sentence bleeds into paragraph form and finally, paragraph into page, and page to chapter.  And then another.  Never perfect, yet perhaps acceptable.  Is that not everything we undertake in life?  Never a master yet always an apprentice.    

Greatest Canines in History.  Title change?  Slowly taking shape while at the same time overwhelmed with the history of our close friends and their achievements.  From the Romans who held them close much the same as we do currently, to their indigenious migration from the Grey Wolf taking some 18,000 years by estimation.  From those who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, to those who have made us laugh and cry on the big screen.  Dogs have become an everyday part of our lives as much as brushing our teeth, wathing TV, and breathing.  

~ March 2020 ~